Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans

Loans above the maximum loan amount established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are known as 'jumbo' loans. If you are looking for a jumbo loan and need more information or advice, we invite you to take advantage of our database of the most competitive lenders available. Just complete the short loan request form and the best lenders in your local area will contact you with their rates and fees.

Western Pioneer Financial offers a number of loan products that allow you to make informed choices when it comes to financing a large investment. When a loan amount is larger than the limits set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, it cannot be securitized and sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and therefore are called "non-agency" loans. Non-agency loans are also commonly referred to as "Jumbo" or "Super Jumbo" loans.

Depending on the loan limit in your area, this may be the best loan product for you. Non-Agency loans offer many of the same benefits as a conforming conventional loan, while allowing for a larger loan amount. At Western Pioneer Financial we never forget that financing a home is one of most important decisions you'll ever make.

Here are some of the programs available under our Jumbo & Super Jumbo product line:

  • Fixed Rate (available in 15 and 30 year terms)
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (available in terms ranging from 3 to 10 years for the initial fixed rate period)
  • Loan amounts up to $2 million

To see if a non-agency (Jumbo) loan is right for you, contact us or apply online!