Land Loans

If you are looking to buy a lot and/or acreage to build your dream home we can offer you a temporary land loan until you are ready to build. If you would like to combine the land purchase with the construction loan you will need to provide approved house plans and a cost breakdown.

Land can be very tough to finance especially today. There are many developers and land owners that are looking to pull the accumulated equity out of their vacant land in urban and rural areas. While urban land is becoming increasingly difficult to finance, loans are still possible. Urban land parcels are easier to determine value on and are therefore easier to find financing for. Typical loans on vacant land can go up to 50% and in some cases 55% LTV.

Land Loan Program Highlights

  • Interest Only
  • Purchase and Refinance Available
  • Fast Closing

Please contact us today to get started on your land loan or apply online now!